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Stripwinkel Sjors

Stripwinkel Sjors



At the age of 5 i learned how to rowdie. At the age of 8 they put me behind the drums in a band just for fun. At the age of 13 i began playing the guitar and bass but got bored playing in bands at the age of about 17. At the age of 18 i discovered that with my Amiga (witch i bought for the graphics) i could make music. Then came the PC. 16mb 840mbHD 90Mhz. After making a couple of track's and making the movie Tajoka, i got distracted for 10 years by party's, work and woman. But those days are over. Now i have al the time in the world to program and make music when ever i want to. I lost all my gear twice, but i've been rebuilding my homestudio again for a year now. And any supporting donation's will be used for the homestudio.

Galerie in de weg

Galerie in de weg

My fathers art.

In Memoriam

In memoriam Theo Kemp 18 mei 1933 - 5 maart 2008

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